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Frequently Asked Questions

Special Thanks to L.K. -- Far Out Parties Client

How does this all work?

Maybe this is your child's first birthday, or just the first time you decided to hire outside entertainment. You have many questions and every one of them is valid. You get one chance every year to make a great memory for your child and you want to be sure you've covered all your bases.

First decide on your party date. You may need to call other key family members and friends to be sure they haven't planned something on the same day.

Next, decide on your venue. Restaurants, catering halls, fire halls, VFW's, Mason lodges, American Legions are some popular choices. You may decide to have entertainment come to your child's school, preschool, or daycare. Please ask the teacher or principal if this is permissible.

Are you going to have a theme? It's not necessary, but for some people, it gives them some direction to go in.

Decide who you will invite. Will it be your child's entire 3rd grade class? Will only a handful of children be invited? There is no set number for a party.

Decide on a budget. Discuss with everyone involved in making this decision how much you are planning to spend on entertainment.

Our performers are top notch, and our quality is high. We have only a handful of excellent performers to maintain quality control, and make sure every party is consistent with our high standards.

Check out reviews on different entertainment companies. See if friends or family have used anyone they consider reputable. Call them. Do they answer your questions, return your phone calls or email? Seem to care that you want to make your child's day special?

Make the phone call and be ready to place a deposit.

We hope you choose us, but if you decide to go with another company, we wish you a fun and memorable party.

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